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About Us - IWK Youth Advisory Council

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YAC meets once per month for office hours in the teen lounge at the IWK. Our meetings are the last Thursday of each month (except in the Summer) from 4-6 PM.

During Office Hours we focus on consults from different teams and areas in the health centre and we work on our projects.

YAC works on different projects and initiatives around the health centre like:
  • IWK website consult
  • Transition to adult care consult
  • Grand Rounds presentations
  • Communication videos (see us on YouTube!!)


Our Purpose

  • to ensure that the Youth Voice is heard at all levels and in all areas of the IWK
  • to be essential to the IWK structure and fabric
  • we have the power and influence to create positive change at the IWK to benefit youth and their supporters
  • to promote a culture of working together 

Our Principles

  • Dream big, set goals and persevere!
  • Be respectful and honest
  • Have an open minded positive attitude
  • Take on only what you can do and follow it through
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Be innovative and learn from your mistakes
  • Have fun with purpose

Adult Supporters

This role is to help connect YAC to the IWK, keep things running smoothly and help YAC’ers accomplish their goals.

Would you like to learn more?

Please contact Jennifer Berube

Circle of Support

These are staff and other youth supporters who have had experience working with youth and bringing in youth voice. They help out whenever we need project assistance, extra support and guidance, connections, a ride, you name it!


A huge thanks to the IWK Auxiliary for their incredible financial support for YAC each and every year. We could not have made it to where we are without them!

The Youth Advisory Council is a project of Child Life Services