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In response to COVID-19 patient and visitor restrictions are in place. Entrances have been reduced and screening is in effect. Please visit our COVID-19 information page for up to date guidance and information.

Visiting at the IWK

A stay in the hospital can be stressful, and we know that it is vital to have the support of family and friends.

For families

Because we know that patients and families need their families, family members are welcome to visit at any time. However, it is important for all families and visitors to remember that their loved ones need lots of rest every day.

For friends and visitors

Friends and visitors are asked to call ahead to a family member before arriving at the IWK to see when would be an appropriate time to visit. Please keep in mind that if the patient’s stay is a short one, they may prefer to see visitors at home once everyone has rested up a bit.

Quiet Time Initiative

The IWK Health Centre has quiet time on the Family & Newborn Unit from 2 - 4 p.m.

Quiet time enhances care by providing families with a dedicated time to rest, as well as increases time for staff to teach new parents. It is intended to improve the overall health and wellness of families so that they are better prepared to go home.

The IWK Health Centre encourages visitors to please respect the quiet time hours on the Family & Newborn Unit.

Photography and Videotaping

You are welcome to take pictures and videos of your family during your stay. Please make sure you do not include other patients or other visitors in the background. To protect the privacy of others, no one is allowed to take pictures or record videos of other patients or visitors in the hospital without their permission. If you wish to take a picture or videotape hospital staff or physicians, please ask permission first. If any staff do not wish to have their picture taken or be videotaped, please respect their wishes, and stop if asked. We may ask you to stop if it compromises privacy or patient safety.