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Can I bring my child's toys?

We often get asked about bringing toys in from home, whether families are coming for an outpatient clinic visit or your child is being admitted to the IWK. Here are a few things to know about toys from home:

  • Waiting rooms in outpatient clinics at the IWK do not typically have toys in them, although we sometimes have play items attached to the wall, or television screens that have cartoons.
  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to bring their child’s own clean toys from home for outpatient visits.
  • Whether coming in for an outpatient visit or being admitted to an inpatient unit, it is a good idea to keep the number of toys coming from home to a minimum (example: 1-2 special items at a time.)
  • Toys that come from home are the responsibility of the family/guardian/parents.
  • Toys belonging to your child should not be shared with other patients.
  • If your child will be admitted to the IWK and you would like to bring some of your own toys from home during their stay, the toys should be clearly labeled with your child’s name and the hospital room location. It is the responsibility of families to clearly label their child’s individual toy items.
  • Families/caregivers/parents are responsible for the routine cleaning of their child’s toys during inpatient stays.
  • ‘Stuffies’ or plush toys are allowed to be brought with your child provided they are not shared with other patients. Stuffies  should always be labeled by families with your child’s name. If your child will have an extended stay at the IWK, parents/guardians should take their child’s stuffed toys home for cleaning on a routine basis and also whenever the toy is visibly dirty.