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Your Gynecology Clinic Visit – Multilingual Videos

The staff at IWK Health work to provide the best possible care for you in the gynecology clinic. Please ask questions if there is something you do not understand and ask for assistance if you need help or have a concern about our services.

Please find below educational videos that will give you information about your gynecology clinic visit, intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) placement, and cervical cancer screening in Nova Scotia. These videos are available in English, French, Arabic, Farsi/Dari, and Somali. If you have questions about these videos, please ask your gynecologist at your visit.


Your Gynecology Clinic Visit – English


Your Gynecology Clinic Visit – French
Votre visite à la clinique de gynécologie


Your Gynecology Clinic Visit – Arabic
زيارة عيادة أمراض النساء


Your Gynecology Clinic Visit – Farsi/Dari
به کلینیک زنان مراجعه کنید


Your Gynecology Clinic Visit – Somali
Booqo rugtaada caafimaadka dumarka


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Approximately 375 breast surgeries will be performed annually at the IWK, with approximately 3,000 visits to the Breast Health Clinic.

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