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IWK Research Registry



More than 100,000 IWK patients and families joined the IWK Research Registry this year. We thank them for their interest in research at the IWK.

Help us to improve care and the quality of life for patients and families in your community and across the globe.

IWK Health’s investment in research has led to many improvements in health care for women, children and families. By joining the research registry patients are able to support this important work.

When you register with the IWK, you will be asked if the IWK can contact you about future research studies. If you agree to be included in the research registry, it will be recorded as part of your health record. You are free to change your mind at any time.

The research registry pulls information from the IWK health information system to identify patients interested in taking part in approved IWK research studies. It allows approved IWK researchers to review limited personal health information about patients who are interested in being contacted for future research studies. This information is kept confidential, secure and protected and will be used only so that IWK researchers may review it to determine if you are a potential candidate for a study. If you are, then they may contact you to ask if you want to take part in the approved study.


For More Information

Click on any of the links below to find out more information about the IWK Research Registry or learn more about current studies that happening right now!

IWK Research Registry Brochure

IWK Research Registry Guidelines

IWK Research Registry Planning Form


IWK Health currently has these studies available:


Research Registry – FAQs for Patients

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Research Site Map


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If you have a general question about research, our services, facilities or programs please email us below.

If you are looking for a specific individual from one of our departments or facilities please select the button below to view the research services team (individual contact information is provided here).


Research E-Bulletin

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