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Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) is a secure, web-based application designed to support data capture for research studies, providing:

  • an intuitive interface for validated data entry;
  • audit trails for tracking data manipulation and export procedures;
  • automated export procedures for seamless data downloads to common statistical packages; and
  • procedures for importing data from external sources.

REDCap Request

To request the setup of a new REDCap Project for research or quality improvement and/or a new REDCap user account


1. Complete the applicable form(s)

2. Complete an IT Self-Service request on Pulse

       Request Product or Service > Applications and Software > Software > Request installation of software

  • In the “Software Name” comment box, enter IWK REDCap along with the title of your team’s REDCap Project. This title is chosen by your project lead.
  • In the “Description” comment box, enter Please assign to Kevin Pitts – SHAREPOINT and Web technical support (Health).
  • If you are initiating a project that will include international participants, please include this note in the description: “Please note that the firewall team will need to allow access for international participants in the following countries:” and list all countries involved. If the list is too long to be included in the comment box, ask the team to refer to the attached initiation form for the full list.
  • Attach the applicable form(s)



What Happens Next?

  • IT will create a new REDCap project, and if applicable, new user account(s). Your team’s REDCap Project Administrator, as indicated on the REDCap Project Initiation Form will be added to the REDCap project by IT. Note: This project administrator will be responsible for adding all other team members to the REDCap project.
  • If a new REDCap user account has been requested, you will receive an email notification to access your new login information for the IWK REDCap Webpage.

NOTE: Once submitted, your request is placed in queue with IT. For questions related to the status of your ticket, please call the IT Self-Service Help line at 470-6700. For all other inquiries, please contact Research Operations at research@iwk.nshealth.ca.


REDCap Links

REDCap Forms

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Beginner Guides

Intermediate Guides

Advanced Guides

Survey Development Guides


REDCap Resources

How to Design a Database 

REDCap Tip of the Month 

Vanderbilt Training Videos

Excel Supplement

Data Dictionary Templates

Note: The downloadable guides and support content provided is for informational purposes only and is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. This information is designed to assist and supplement, it does not constitute explicit instructions.

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