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IWK Research Funding Opportunities




Research Services is pleased to offer a variety of Operating and Personnel funding opportunities. Please see below.

NOTE: All applications must be submitted through the ROMEO Research Portal with the exception of TRIC applications which are to be submitted to research@iwk.nshealth.ca. Large files over 5MB should use the secure email transfer service MOVEit Transfer.

The deadline for applications submitted via the ROMEO Research Portal are at 11:59 PM.

TRIC applications deadlines are at 4:00 PM.

When these dates fall on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be the following business day.


Operating Grants

Project Grants

Aim: This grant is intended to support projects that will position IWK researchers to be more competitive for external funding or to complete high-quality projects of more limited scope that will have significant scientific or clinical impact.

Deadline Dates: April 1st and October 15th

Funds Available: $25,000 for 1 year (with 1 year no-cost extension)

The following types of applications are accepted:

- Seed/Preliminary Data. The study will provide preliminary data that will support an upcoming application for an external grant.

- New Area. This study is in an area that is distinct from the applicant’s current area of research, and is not an incremental progression in his/her current research program. This study will provide the applicant an opportunity to explore a new area of research.

- Stand-alone Project. This study can be completed within the allocated budget, and yield findings of sufficient originality and import to make an independent impactful contribution to the literature or practice.

Click here for Project Grant Guidelines

Mentored Grants

Aim: This operating grant is intended to i) support projects that will build capacity in research at the IWK, and ii) facilitate the development of the applicant’s research skills. Trainees, early career faculty, or clinical and administrative staff who are building research expertise are encouraged to apply. Evaluation of applications will be based on the quality of the proposed project and the likelihood that the mentorship relationship will lead to further skill and professional development for the mentee.

Deadline Dates: January 15 and October 15

Funds Available: $5,000

Click here for Mentored Grant Guidelines

Matching Funds

Aim: Numerous funding programs now require institutional matching funds (in-kind or cash). Matching funds will be available for grant proposals to government and not-for-profit organizations when required by the sponsor or as part of the grant application.

Deadline Dates: Applications may be submitted at any time during the fiscal year (April 1st – March 31st) but no later than one month prior to the funding agency’s application deadline.

Funds Available: Maximum of up to 10% of a $100,000 funding program.

Click here for Matching Funds Guidelines

Click here for Matching Funds Application Form

Equipment Refresh/Replace

Aim: As demands for equipment related funding continue to increase, researchers are encouraged to budget for service contracts and maintenance costs of major pieces of multi-user equipment in all external funding opportunities. Fees from users should also be considered to provide a fund for emergency repairs, maintenance and replacement costs. Applications to the Equipment Refresh/Replace Program may require documentation that funding from external sources has been inadequate or unsuccessful and that realistic fees have been collected from users.

Deadline Dates: March 31st and September 30th

Funds Available: Depending on funds available, the cost of repairs, maintenance, or purchase of equipment may be reimbursed.

Click here for Equipment Refresh/Replace Guidelines

Click here for Equipment Refresh/Replace Application Form

Translating Research into Care (TRIC)

Purpose: To support research, at the point of care, that will facilitate the translation of clinical science into improved delivery of services and patient care for women, children and families at the IWK.

Registration deadline: 4 PM on October 1st

Application deadline: 4 PM on November 1st

Large files over 5MB should use the secure email transfer service MOVEit Transfer.

Funds available: Level 1 up to $3,000 / Level 2 up to $30,000 / Level 3 up to $60,000.

Click here for TRIC Guidelines

Virtual Workshop for Applicants: TBD

For information/support or to register for the workshop, contact: researchdevelopment@nshealth.ca

Establishment Recruitment

Aim: The purpose of this award is to aid in the recruitment/establishment of new research investigators in the field of women’s and children’s health care in the Maritime Provinces. In this context, health care includes all aspects of research related to the health of women and children, including laboratory and clinical research, and research in education and rehabilitation.

Deadline Dates: Funding requests are accepted from six months prior to the investigator’s start date through the first 12 months of appointment.

Funds Available: Pending available funds

Click here for Establishment Recruitment Guidelines


Personnel Support

Aim: These grants are intended to support promising summer students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows engaged in research aimed at improving child, youth, maternal or women’s health at the IWK. 

Summer Studentship

Eligibility: Any trainee supervised by an IWK researcher and not funded through the Research In Medicine (RIM) Program.

Deadline Dates: January 15

Funds Available (no match required): $5,000

Click here for Summer Studentship Guidelines

Graduate Studentship

Eligibility: A Masters or PhD candidate whose primary supervisor is an IWK researcher. The applicant must be enrolled in a graduate program. Applicants are eligible for a second year of funding, provided they demonstrate proof of application to an external funding source during their first year.

Deadline Dates: April 1st

Funds Available (no match required): $25,000/year for up to 2 years

Click here for Graduate Studentship Guidelines


Postdoctoral Fellowship

Eligibility: A PhD or resident physician/clinical fellow whose primary supervisor is an IWK researcher. Seventy-five percent (75%) or more of the applicant’s time must be spent engaged in research at the IWK. Applicants are eligible for a second year of funding, provided they demonstrate proof of application to an external funding source during their first year.

Deadline Dates: January 15

Funds Available (no match required): $50,000/year for up to 2 years

Click here for Postdoctoral Fellowship Guidelines


Overhead Award

Aim: The purpose of the Overhead Award is to assist investigators with research-related expenses. The Overhead Award allows investigators to apply for a grant based on the overhead applicable contract research they have generated within the current fiscal year. Applicants can request support for any endeavour that is research related, such as a specific research project, a piece of equipment, research infrastructure development, etc. 

Note: Grant funded projects are not eligible for the Overhead Award.

Deadline Dates: An application may be submitted at any time. Requested amount can only be for overhead received by the IWK within a maximum of 12 months prior to the submitted application date.

Funds Available: The amount of the award will depend on the revenue share and will be matched based on the amount provided by the applicant’s department(s) towards the award (50/50 cost share). Where all overhead revenue was allotted only to IWK Health, the applicant can request up to a maximum of 50% toward the award. Awards will be granted for a one year term.

Click here for Overhead Award Guidelines
Click here for Overhead Award Application Form



IWK Research Reports

Researchers who have acquired funds through IWK sources are required to submit a final report documenting the progress and results of their funded project. Please refer to the guidelines for your program to determine whether or not an interim report is required in addition to the final report. 

IWK Program Funds – Interim Report
IWK Program Funds – Final Report

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