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Diversity and Inclusion

The IWK is committed to providing a culturally competent and patient centred care. This includes recognizing and respecting the cultural and personal values of patients, families and staff and all those who interact with the health centre. As we strive to be culturally competent we take into account cultural, diversity and linguistic needs as vital commodities to bridge cultural barriers.

Our tools and resources to build our cultural competence

The IWK Position Statement on Diversity, Inclusion and Culturally Competent Care

The position statement was created to highlight the organization’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and providing culturally competent care. Please click here to view our position statement.

Diversity and Inclusion Lens Tool

This unique assessment tool uses a set of questions to assist IWK staff in considering the concepts of diversity and inclusion in the development and revision of programs, policies and practices. Click here to view our lens tool.

Cultural Competence

To enhance our skills, attitudes and behaviours to serve our diverse clients, we continually offer cultural diversity educational sessions for IWK employees, volunteers and learners.

Community partnerships: your thoughts and ideas

We are excited to work in partnership with diverse families and community organizations. Please contact Tyro Setlhong, IWK Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator at 902-470-7362 or tyro.setlhong@iwk.nshealth.ca with your thoughts and ideas on how the IWK can continue to be more welcoming and inclusive.

Services that support cultural diversity

Interpretation and Translation Services

Interpretation and Translation Services are available at the IWK for patients and families who English is an additional language. Please click here for more information on Bilingual Services.

Spiritual Care

As part of our commitment to being a welcoming and inclusive environment, the IWK values and supports spiritual diversity. Spiritual, religious and emotional support and counseling is available to patients and families of all faiths and beliefs. Click here to learn more about Spiritual Care at the IWK.