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Mental Health and Addictions Emergency or Crisis

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The Emergency Mental Health and Addictions Service (EMHAS) is located within the Emergency Department (ED) of the IWK Health Centre. The team of Registered Nurses, Social Workers, Psychiatrists and Psychiatry Residents are available 24/7 to  provide care to children and youth up the age of 19 who present to the ED with a mental health and/or addictions concern. Patients with a mental health and/or addictions concern who also present with an urgent or emergent medical concern will receive care and treatment for their medical concern first and then care is picked up by the mental health team. Mental health and/or addictions concerns and risk are assessed. Crisis stabilization, psychoeducation, safety planning and disposition plan are completed by this team in collaboration with the ED team. The disposition plan includes next steps which could be admission to the inpatient unit, return to therapist, an appointment with Urgent Care Clinic, or follow up to be arranged by Central Referral. 


For Emergencies

For Emergency mental health and addictions help:

Call 911 


Go to the IWK Health Centre Emergency Department or the emergency department closest to you.

Helpful Resource: What to expect when you visit the Emergency Department

A psychiatric emergency is when a person is in immediate danger to him/herself due to compromised thinking and/or judgement. A psychiatric emergency may require hospital-based treatment.

For Crisis Support

A mental health crisis does not necessarily require hospital-based care and can be supported in the community by a team of mental health care providers. Examples include thoughts of suicide, distorted or psychotic thinking, intense anxiety, depression or the inability to cope.

If you are experiencing a mental health or addictions crisis: 

Call 902.429.8167 or 1.888.429.8167 (toll-free) for the Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team