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I go to treatment for drugs or alcohol

What Should I Expect When...


After you are accepted into the CHOICES 24/7 program, you should expect to be placed on a waiting list. The wait may be long or short depending on how many other youth are also waiting to come into CHOICES. While you’re waiting for a spot at CHOICES, we encourage you to keep meeting with your addiction therapist or mental health & addiction therapist. Once your name is at the top of our wait list, our intake worker will call you and offer you an admission date. We’ll also give you more information on what to bring to CHOICES and what to expect when you get here.

On the day of your admission, you and your family / caregivers and support people will come to CHOICES. All of you will participate in an admission assessment. This is when we will ask you questions related to what brought you to CHOICES, details of your substance use, any mental health difficulties you have, and what goals you plan to work towards while you’re here.

Care Team

Your support people will be asked to participate in some of this assessment but most of it will be with just you. There will be several people from the CHOICES team at your assessment – usually your social worker, a nurse, the psychiatrist, and the psychologist. Each will ask you different questions related to the work that they will be doing with you. It can seem like a lot of questions (and some of them you’ve been asked a lot before!) but it’s really important that we get to know you so we can make a plan to best support you during your time here. Later on during your time here you’ll also meet with a teacher and a recreation therapist to do some planning around these parts of program. 

Getting Settled

After your assessment you and your family or supports will be asked to sign several consent forms. This may be a little boring but some of the consents are for cool things like rock climbing or other fun activities. Once this is done, CHOICES staff will take you up to the area where you’ll be staying and give you a tour of our space like the gym area and the classroom (if you’re a day program client we won’t take you into the sleeping areas). Before you enter the 24/7 treatment space, the CHOICES staff will do a search of yourself and the belongings that you’re bringing into program. We’ll walk you through each step of this but it usually involves a magnetic wand that we’ll wave over you and someone will take a closer look at the things you’re bringing in with you. This isn’t the most fun thing but it helps us be sure that CHOICES is a safe place for everyone who is here.

Once you’ve been searched and we’ve shown you around, you and your family/support person will be given some time to settle into your room. You might want to take some time to make it your own by putting your clothes away and putting out some pictures that you may have brought with you. We’ll introduce you to the CHOICES staff and have you meet the other youth who will be at CHOICES with you. Your first day can be kind of tiring so you will have a chance to relax before starting the program orientation.  

It’s important to remember that coming to CHOICES is a big decision that you’ve made and you may have mixed feelings about it. You may feel unsure whether CHOICES is the best place for you right now or you may feel confused about your decision to come. If you feel like this at all, we’re here to support you. You’re not the only one who’s ever felt this way and our job is to help you figure this all out.