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I call the Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team?

What Should I Expect When...

The Care Team

The Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team (MHMCT) is made up of experienced mental health professionals who are here to help. The clinician answering the phone can talk to you about what is happening, offer you support and find out what would be helpful. 

How We Help

Sometimes people find it easier to talk in person. If you live in the Halifax Regional Municipality, our team can come to you. A clinician and a plain clothed  police officer travel together in an unmarked van to meet youth and their families at home, at school or somewhere in their community.  

The MHMCT will connect you to community resources and offer next day followup services. Staff may also refer you for additional treatment. If you have an IWK clinician, we will update them. 

There are times when even after talking with our team, things still feel overwhelming and beyond your control. During these times, our team may recommend you go to the IWK Emergency Department to receive further treatment.