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I am admitted to Compass

What Should I Expect When...

A Typical Day

Compass is a 24/5 service for young boys and girls under the age of 13. We help children who have difficulties with behaviour and their families. When you come to Compass, you will live with seven other boys and girls. You will have your own bedroom. You will go to the Compass classroom and attend groups. In the classroom, you will learn new ways to successfully complete your work. The groups will help you learn new skills such as managing your anger, solving problems, making new friends and cooperating with others. There will also be many fun things to do at Compass like swimming, biking and going on outings. There are many people to help you at Compass: a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a social worker, an occupational therapist, nurses, child care workers, a teacher and recreational therapists.

While you are at Compass, we will also be working with your parents. They will attend groups and meetings. Transition support workers will visit you and your family at home. Compass staff will also connect with the teachers at your community school, which will help them better understand the type of work you are doing in school. 

When you are admitted to the Compass program, you will stay for four months.  During the first two months, you will go home every weekend. During the next two months, you will spend more time at home and at your community school.  In the last month, you will spend most of your time at home and at your school.  

This program helps you to be more successful and happy in your home, school and community.