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Make the Call to Central Referral

If you need help with a mental health and addictions problem, Central Referral is there to help. At the IWK we offer mental health and addictions service for children and youth under the age of 19. Please call toll free 1.855.922.1122

Central Referral can help you get an appointment for mental health and addictions services. You can call yourself or your family doctor can make a referral on your behlf. 

After the Call to Central Referral 

When you call Central Referral, a Clinician will spend approximately 20 – 30 minutes of time with you on the phone.  They will begin with gathering contact and demographic information and then they will review the IWK’s Limits of Confidentiality policy. Following this they will use a validated interview tool called the HEADS-ED  to help identify mental health issues and determine if you are eligible for services.  There are several variables incorporated into the HEADS-ED such as Home, Education and Employment, Activities and Peers, Drugs and Alcohol, Suicidality, and Emotions and Behaviours.  If mental health symptoms are present, the Clinician will discuss with you appropriate services within the IWK Mental Health and Addiction‘s program and may recommended and offer you a Choice appointment.  If a Choice appointment is not deemed appropriate, the Clinician will discuss other options that you may find supportive such as services available within your community.

A Choice Appointment at the IWK

Based on the outcome of the intake assessment, you may be offered an opportunity to come to meet with a mental health clinician for a first appointment - called a Choice appointment at the Community Mental Health and Addictions clinic that is closest to where you live.

A Choice appointment is an opportunity to meet with a clinician to:

- Find out about the mental health problem that you are concerned about;
- Provide you with enough information to make an informed choice about what to do next;
- Explain the variety of services and interventions available.

For more information on what happens in a choice appointment click here