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Mental Health and Addicitions - Health Promotion 

The Health Promotion Team in Mental Health and Addiction’s is responsible for promoting positive mental health across Nova Scotia’s communities.  Specifically, we are committed to promoting positive mental health which will meet people where they are and influence the socioeconomic, political, and cultural contexts that sustain and perpetuate inequitable conditions. 

Health promotion practice in Mental Health and Addictions focuses on the social determinants of health that influence positive mental health outcomes and health equity, while concentrating on preventing or reducing stigma, risks, harms, and injuries from poor mental health, substance use, and gambling. 

Our strategic aim is a Nova Scotia where everyone has the opportunity to achieve and maintain mental wellness, communities are free from harms and injuries of substance use and gambling, and people lead flourishing lives free of stigma and discrimination.

Specifically at IWK’s Mental Health and Addictions Health Promotion Team, we seek to influence, create and strive for equitable conditions for healthy, thriving, and engaged communities that result in positive mental health and wellbeing for youth and children.

We do this in many ways, but the five pillars that guide the work we do are to:

  1. Build healthy public policy at all levels of government and with our communities.
  2. Create supportive, safer and healthy environments for all Nova Scotians.
  3. Strengthen community action to result in social change.
  4. Foster community and individual resilience by building capacity.
  5. Re-orient health services to promote better health and wellness.

Our dedicated team of Health Promoters is educated and trained in our fields' core competencies.  These competencies come directly from the Ottawa Charter – a seminal document that globally defines the field of Health Promotion, developed by Health Promoters from around the world. 

We work strategically with governmental, nongovernmental, and community organizations to realign the health lens from downstream, treatment-focused care to upstream, societal changes for maximum impact on children, youth, and families. 

Watch our video to learn more about what we do in Health Promotion: