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About the Service:  Adolescent Intensive Services offers a combination of day and overnight services to adolescents 13 up to 19 years of age.  There are 10 primary mental health beds and 10 primary addiction/concurrent disorders beds on two separate units.  The treatment services are offered in 4 daytime care areas which have a primary focus on one of four identified needs:  internalizing symptoms, externalizing symptoms, symptoms of trauma, or addictions/concurrent disorders.  Mental Health Services are offered to youth throughout Nova Scotia whereas Addictions/Concurrent Services for youth have an Atlantic Provinces mandate.  Youth who attend these services have (1) chronic and persistent mental health disorders with serious functional impairment and/or (2) severe disruptive behavior disorders, and/or (3) harmful involvement with substances or other addictions resulting in functional impairment.

How we help:  Adolescent Intensive Services operates within both a Connect Model and a Harm Reduction Model.  The Connect Model stresses the connections between the individual and their attachment figures, and recognizes relationships as key to recovery.  This is an attachment based model which looks for meaning behind behavior.  The Harm Reduction Model attempts to minimize the harmful impact of substance misuse and unhealthy choices.  This is accomplished through skill building, knowledge, motivational techniques and recognizing cues in the environment contributing to poor choices.  Evidence based individual, group and family therapy is offered within these models.  Skills training, medication management, parent education and support, behavior management, educational programming and liaison with community and schools is provided through an individualized care plan, relapse prevention treatment and assertive community outreach to families, community and schools.

Our Team/Who you will meet:  Multi-disciplinary teams are made up of nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, transition support workers, teachers, educational support workers, social workers, occupational therapists, recreational therapists, recreation therapy associates, youth care workers and administrative assistants.

Our Location: Adolescent Intensive Service is located at 2760 Joseph Howe Drive, Halifax, N.S. B3L 4E5.

To find out if the Adolescent Intensive Service is the right service to meet your needs, call our Central Referral service at 902-464-4110 or call toll-free 1.855.922.1122