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Gestational Diabetes Class Resources and Teaching Materials

Welcome to the online Gestational Diabetes Class. Below you will find information needed to help you manage your gestational diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes Class Resources and Teaching Materials


1. Introduction to Gestational Diabetes Online - How Do I Access Care?


2. Gestational Diabetes Nutrition Class - Online Edition


3. Glucometer Teaching - Online Edition

Blood Sugar Meter Testing

Additional Meters


4. Medication for Gestational Diabetes - Dr. Jillian Coolen


5. Frequently Asked Questions About Gestational Diabetes

Blood Sugar Targets
Diet and GDM
Fasting Blood Sugars
Label Reading
Risk Factors
Troubleshooting Blood Sugar


6. Additional Resources

Insulin and Gestational Diabetes: Safe for You and Your Baby


Physical Activity


7. Contact Infomation

Email: gdmnutrition@iwk.nshealth.ca


  • Paula Canning, PDt, CDE - 902-470-7134
  • Joline Medynski, PDt, CDE - 902-470-6606


8. Helpful Books & Websites


Research Opportunities: ACTIVE GDM Study