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Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Research

This initiative is funded by a TRIC (Translating Research into Care) research grant awarded to Dr. Dolores McKeen (PI) Anesthesiologist, Researcher, Ms. Tracy Dryden (PI) RN Manager Researcher, Dr. Nancy Van Eyk (Co-I) Surgeon, Researcher and Dr. Erna Snelgrove Clarke (Co-I) RN PhD, Embedded CIHR Researcher.

The name of the study is Research Translated into Evidence Based Care: ImprOVing Outcomes in Uro-gynaecology Surgery Through Enhanced Recovery: The RECOVER Study.

This research team will look at the implementation process of the ERAS guidelines at the IWK, specifically in the uro-gynaecology patient group. The RECOVER study will also look at how to best support patients and care givers in understanding and facilitating ease of adoption of these new care guidelines. To achieve this, a number of education and communications initiatives will be implemented. This group will also follow up on the success of the strategies to support the care changes and any impact on patient outcomes.