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Staying at the Hospital - Frequently Asked Questions (Child Life)

Q-   Can I bring my own laptop?

A- Yes, the hospital has a secure wireless account that patients and families can use when they come to the hospital.  The connection is password protected;   just ask your nurse or Child Life Specialist what the password is for that week to access the Wi-Fi.

Q-    Are there any games to play in my room?

A- You can get games to bring to your room during your admission.  You can always borrow some board games from the activity area or teen lounge and bring them to your room.  You can also ask your Child Life Specialist if there are video game systems available to borrow, this could be an Xbox, Wii, or Nintendo DS.  If the system is available then you can use them.  You can also borrow games for the system from the Family Resource Library link to FRL page which is located on the 2nd floor of the hospital.

Q-   Can I watch movies while I stay at the hospital?

A- Yes you will be able to have a DVD player in your room, if there is not one in the room just contact your Child Life Specialist to see if you can arrange to have one. Please note that Xbox systems can also play movies. You can bring your own movies from home or you can borrow movies from the Family Resource Library link to FRL page which is located on the 2nd floor. 

Q-   Are there other places to go while you are in the hospital?

A- There are a number of places that you can go visit while you are in the hospital, as long as your doctor and nurse say that it is ok to leave your room.  You can visit the Activity Area on your floor, the Teen Lounge, Playgarden, and Ronald McDonald Family Room (located on the 3rd floor).

Q-   Can I have my dog visit?

A- Unfortunately you cannot have any pets from home come to visit or stay in the hospital.  It is important that the hospital tries to keep things safe and clean for all patients, families and staff.  We know that pets are very important and we do have a Pet Therapy program on Tuesdays and Thursdays where a trained dog will come to visit patients in the activity areas and sometimes even go to patient rooms.  

Q-   Can my friends come and visit me while I am in the hospital?

A- Yes, it is great to have visitors come and see you while you are in the hospital.  It is very important to make sure that your visitors do not have any cold or flu like symptoms.

Q-   Will my mom or dad be able to stay with me?

A- Yes, there is an extra bed in the rooms here so that parents/guardians can stay in the hospital with you.  Every patient has their own room with an extra bed, their own bathroom, and a television in the room.

Q-     Can I bring my own clothes?

A- Yes, there are hospital pajamas here in different sizes but you can certainly bring your own clothes.  Click on this link for other helpful hints on what to pack for your hospital stay.

Q-   What can I do for fun?

A- There are a number of things that you can do for fun.  If you are able to leave your room you can go to the Activity Area on your floor.  If you are 12 years of age or older you can visit the Teen Lounge on the 6th floor.  There is also a Playgarden located just outside of the hospital that is for patients and families only.  The Ronald McDonald Family Room link is another place you can visit, they have volunteers there that do crafts, play games, have computers and sometimes even provide meals. 

Q- What if I don’t understand why I am coming to the hospital or I have more questions?

A- It is important that you are able to ask questions about coming to the hospital.  You can always ask to see a Child Life Specialist and they can help you with some of those questions.  No question is silly and there are many new things in the hospital so it is okay to ask questions.